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Business solutions for a changing World...

      “KROBUS ~ Focusing on performance improvement through effective problem definition, and solution implementation”

      We understand the real need to identify and resolve business issues which impact performance in an effective and expedient manner.  However, we also understand that any solution proposed by KROBUS must focus on the real core issues and not simply remove the symptoms of experienced problems. Therefore, our solutions are designed to fit with the organization’s culture, strategy, and operational capability. 

      Therefore, our solutions are designed to fit with your organization’s culture, strategy, and operational capability, whilst at the same time focusing on the real need to improve and drive financial performance.

      Supply Chain Management – Optimising and improving end-to-end performance of your key supply chain processes across internal business areas, and strategic business partners.

      Change Management – Implementing and driving change projects and programmes across your business.

      Knowledge Management – Identifying where within your business knowledge needs to be created / shared and then develop and implement the necessary knowledge and innovation programmes.

      Organizational Network Analysis – Help you understand how work is actually getting done across your organization or business; which teams, and individuals are working well, and which ones are acting as potential bottlenecks to overall performance.

      Organizational Development – Help you redesign or fine tune your business or organization in order to meet new operational challenges.

      Personnel Training & Development – Provide your people with the necessary professional skills in order to meet new and existing challenges associated with working in a dynamic and ever changing business environment.

      Our collective experience has identified / driven business and organizational performance improvement within both public and private sectors.  Some of the organizations where our skills and experiences have improved performance include the following:

      • NHS
      • IBM
      • SQA
      • MoD (UK)
      • Geodis
      • Bae Systems
      • National Australia Bank Group.

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